Master’s Students Assist in Combating Illegal Rental Housing around U of M

We have made some very significant progress in our efforts to combat illegal rental housing around the University of Manitoba. Dealing with the many, multi-layered aspects of this complex issue could be easily be a full time job!

We are extremely fortunate to have a University of Manitoba class of Master’s students focusing on this issue as part of their City Planning Program.  Please take a minute to look at the overview of the comprehensive course that Dr. Orly Linovski is leading.  As part of the curriculum, these students will also be working with community members.  In early December, 2016, we expect they will present the findings of their research to the community.  Please watch my website for more details.

In my recent ‘Open Letter to Landlords’, I provided a summary of the many initiatives we have underway to combat illegal rental housing.  In particular, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the team of hard-working community volunteers who are assisting with this initiative.  They have developed a very informative website to assist residents, tenants and landlords alike, and I encourage you to learn more by visiting Fort Richmond-University Heights Neighbourhood Association.