May 1st Update on Rental Housing

This is the latest update on my work related to rental housing in the community. While significant progress is being made, I clearly understand it is not fast enough for some.  However, it is important that we all understand the challenges which the community is experiencing with rental housing did not occur over night, and it will take time to improve. I am pleased to say there has been more work and focus on this issue than ever before, and by working together collaboratively, progress will continue to be made.

I try to put as much detail into these summaries so you have as much information as I do:


January 19th, 2015:

  • I made a Motion at City Hall (Motion_Student Housing Jan 19, 2015) directing City Administration to investigate best practices related to student housing, and to report back in 60 days.


January 31st, 2015:


April 14th, 2015:

  • A verbal update was provided by City Administration at the Standing Policy Committee of Property Planning and Development. We expected to receive a full report by mid-April (60 days after the January 19th motion), but instead a verbal update was provided requesting additional time to complete a comprehensive and thorough review of best practices and lessons learned from other jurisdictions.
  • This report on rental housing best practices will be formally released at 9 a.m. on Friday June 26, 2015 to the Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development Committee (West Committee Room, City Hall). To view the meeting on-line, visit Watch Council and Committee Meetings Live. PLEASE NOTE: This meeting was originally planned for June 30, but has been RESCHEDULED to June 26.


Currently underway:

  • Meetings with the University of Manitoba as well as the International College of Manitoba to discuss communication with students on rental housing options
  • Meetings with City of Winnipeg (By-Laws / Parking Authority) to prepare a user-friendly brochure on local by-laws for landlords, area residents and students
  • Translation of the by-laws brochure into Mandarin;  to be distributed by the City and University of Manitoba
  • Investigation of the pros and cons of having an increased level of planning applied to the Fort Richmond/University Heights area.  As an example, refer to the Background Study on Wildwood Park which acts as a guiding document for development.


Forthcoming – June 30, 2015:

  • City administration will be bringing forward their report which will cover:
  1.  A cross jurisdictional analysis over several comparable North American cities of similarly converted ‘R1’ and ‘R2’ student housing in neighbourhoods  adjacent to Universities and Colleges.
  2.  A summation of best practices over those same North American cities cited in the cross jurisdictional analysis allowing the establishment or potential limitation of multiple tenancy student housing in neighbourhoods adjacent to University or College campuses.
  3.  Specific challenges regarding both zoning and code issues, including recommendations in enabling multiple tenancy student housing accepting short term student populations associated with the Universities and Colleges within the City of Winnipeg.

One the report has been released and the findings analyzed, I will call another public meeting.   The report will include recommendations for us to consider and discuss.


Forthcoming – Mid-September, 2015:

  • Community meeting #2 in mid-September to determine action items on the City of Winnipeg’s June report.  Watch my website for details on the date and venue.



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