January 31, 2015 Rental Housing Meeting: Summary of Presentations

Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Conversation on Rental Housing on January 31, 2015!  A summary of presentations made at the meeting by the City of Winnipeg and the University of  Manitoba, along with links to detailed information re residential parking, licensing rooming houses, property standards and zoning is provided below.

I have formally requested that the City of Winnipeg Public Service research best practices for housing around universities/colleges in North America (see Rental Housing Motion January 2015).  Once the Public Service reports back to me with their findings, I will organize another Community Conversation.


City of Winnipeg Presentations



  • Property and neighbourhood standards:



University of Manitoba Presentation

Brendan D. Hughes – Executive Director, Student Engagement
202 FitzGerald Building University of Manitoba

Barry Stone – Director, Student Residences
108 Arthur V. Mauro Residence. University of Manitoba