New Association & Website To Tackle Rental Housing

NEW ASSOCIATION:  Fort Richmond – University Heights Neighbourhood Association

I’ve been working with many organizations and individuals this past year to address the safety and neighbourhood liveability concerns related to the prolific number of rental houses in the communities of Fort Richmond and University Heights.  After many, many meetings, phone calls and E-Mails, I am extremely pleased to announce the formation of the Fort Richmond – University Heights Neighbourhood Association!

Community members have stepped forward as volunteers to lead an association that will work towards educating and informing residents, tenants and landlords of their RESPONSIBILITES and RIGHTS in the neighbourhood.  The volunteer members have also drafted a vision, mission and goals for their organization.

If you are interested in volunteering to support the organization, there are many opportunities for you to help your community …. short time commitments, interesting roles, and guaranteed that you will meet some great neighbours!  See to learn more!



By working with community residents, we have developed a website that aims to EDUCATE and INFORM residents, tenants and landlords. The website contains valuable information on the top 7 common by-law infractions in the Fort Richmond – University Heights neighbourhood.

  • Did you know the #1 reason by-laws are not enforced is because they are not reported PROPERLY? The website contains details on “How to PROPERLY report a potential by-law infraction”
  • Did you know the #2 reason by-laws are not enforced is because they are NOT REPORTED?  The system is ‘complaint based’, so you MUST take action by reporting a problem, and requesting service.

The website also provides INFORMATION FLYERS that can easily be dropped in mailboxes to help people understand by-law infractions and what they need to do to correct the problem.

The website is designed to support everyone in the community –  residents, tenants and landlords.  Please take the time to explore it and learn more about what everyone’s RESPONSIBILITIES and RIGHTS are in the Fort Richmond – University Heights neighbourhood.

Contact the organization directly to learn more, and become a member, or sign up for an E-newsletter!



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