New City Tool to Search for Building Permits

As of July, 2017, residents are now able to search properties on the City of Winnipeg website to see if building permits have been secured for construction in residential homes.  This is a new and important tool to combat illegal rooming houses.

Permits provide a legal mechanism for the City to engage in a review of plans and/or audits of construction through inspections to help ensure that the work is in compliance with all building and electrical codes, and other relevant City by-laws such as zoning.

If a homeowner is going to build, add, renovate or alter any part of a building or residence, or perform work on electrical or plumbing systems, a residential building permit must be obtained prior to starting any work.   Otherwise, the renovation is being performed illegally.

As we have seen in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert ward, numerous rental rooms in houses (on the main floors and basement) are being constructed illegally without the required permits.

If residents see construction occurring in a home, they can use the new Property Permit Search Tool and simply enter the street address to see if a permit has been secured:

For more information, contact City of Winnipeg Permits and Zoning at phone 204-986-5140 or Email: