Rental Housing Issues Outside Fort Richmond-University Heights

Based on the many calls and E-mails to my office, I recognize that challenges around rental housing extend outside of the Fort Richmond-University Heights neighbourhood in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert ward.  I’ve received multiple enquiries from residents in St. Vital, Waverley Heights, St. Norbert, the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, South Pointe, and beyond … all the way to Transcona!


In the area immediately surrounding the U of M, there is a particularly high concentration of these illegal rental properties.   In response, the residents in this area stepped up to volunteer their assistance.   They established the Fort Richmond-University Heights Neighbourhood Association to help research best practices, review enforcement options, and explore the multiple, complex layers of this issue.  We are learning together, working together and finding solutions together.


As an added advantage, the contributions of this Neighbourhood Association are also serving as a unique Pilot Project, one from which other neighbourhoods can benefit on the issue of rental housing.


There are many active, dedicated residential groups in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert, and it is my true privilege to work with each of them.   If your neighbourhood would like more information on the tremendous work being accomplished by the Fort Richmond-University Heights Neighbourhood Association, please contact them directly as they are happy to share ideas and information.


By working together, we can accomplish more!




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