April 7th Update on Rental Housing

The following information is a compiled summary of the conversations, questions, answers and discussions that occurred at the January 31, 2015 Community Conversation on the topic of rental housing.  We’ve worked to capture all of the information discussed as well as the extensive detail of this ongoing initiative:



  • A motion that the Winnipeg Public Service study best practices was made in January, 2015.  We are awaiting results from the report.
  • We are awaiting answers to a few questions that participants asked at the January 31 meeting.  These answers will be posted when they are received.
  • If you were unable to attend the Community Conversation on January 31, please review the presentations given at the meeting.



  • Once we receive an update from the Winnipeg Public Service on the Rental Housing Motion January 2015  regarding best practices, I will call another Community Conversation on this matter.
  • In the meantime, if you have any concerns regarding by-law infractions, please contact 311.  Because by-law infractions are currently complaint based , they must first be reported in order to be acted upon.


Thank you to everyone for participating in this ongoing process.