Take Action: Report By-Law Infractions!

Every day, my office receives many phone calls and E-Mails from residents with concerns about by-law infractions.  The majority of concerns fall into two primary by-law groups:

  1. Zoning By-Laws:  Regulate the use and development of land
  2. Neighbourhood Liveability By-Laws:  Regulate the maintenance of properties and other aspects of neighbourhood liveability in order to develop and maintain safe, orderly, viable and sustainable communities; and promote and maintain the health, safety and welfare of residents.

If you observe a potential by-law infraction, please report it to Winnipeg’s 311 Service Centre –  Phone 311 or E-mail 311@winnipeg.ca  We highly recommend using e-mail as it is a more efficient use of time.  Our City’s 311 Service Centre receives over 1.5 million enquiries every year, and callers often experience long wait times.  E-mail takes only a couple minutes, and helps by documenting your concern for future reference.

  • Did you know the #1 reason by-laws are not enforced is because they are not reported PROPERLY?
  • Did you know the #2 reason by-laws are not enforced is because they are NOT REPORTED?  The City’s system is ‘complaint based’, so you MUST take action by reporting a problem, and requesting service.

To help, the Fort Richmond-University Heights Neighbourhood Association has developed a comprehensive website – http://www.neighbourhoodassociation.ca/ –  that aims to educate and inform ALL residents in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward on these issues.

Specifically, the website provides information on the seven most common by-law infractions, along with HOW to PROPERLY report them and the EXPECTED City of Winnipeg action once reported:

  1. Garbage and Fire Hazards
  2. Long Grass
  3. Loud Excessive Noise
  4. Multiple Tenants in Single Family Home
  5. Multiple Vehicles in Front & Rear Yards
  6. Open Fires and Fire Pits
  7. Vacant House

Simply put, enforcement cannot occur if the infraction is not PROPERLY reported.  The City of Winnipeg operates on a ‘complaint based system’, meaning there is no one patrolling the entire City looking for by-law infractions. It is up to each one of us to report potential infractions!

For more information, visit Reporting By-Law Infractions.

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