2015 Road Construction in South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

In 2015, major road construction is occurring in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert ward. I will be posting more information as I become aware of dates, anticipate time frames, etc.

The following projects have been approved in the City ‘s 2015 Capital Budget:

Reconstruction and Major Rehabilitation

  • Pembina Highway Southbound – Bairdmore North Leg to Kirkbridge, including cycling lanes.

Thin Bituminous Overlay

  • Lake Village Road, Chancellor Drive
  • Laval Drive, Pasadena Avenue, Silverstone Avenue
  • Leeds Avenue, Baylor Avenue, Dalhousie Drive
  • Pasadena Avenue, Tulane Bay, Laval Drive
  • Sandusky Dr Bairdmore Blvd Waverley St


  • Swan Lake Bay, Chancellor Drive


  • Greyfriars Road, Killarney Avenue, Dalhousie Drive

Alley Renewals

  • Chancellor Drive, Waverley Alley, Lake Lindero Road, Lake Crest Road



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