2016 Active Transportation Construction Projects

The City of Winnipeg’s 2016 Active Transportation ‘Action Plan’ is an informative overview of the Active Transportation projects that have received budget funding for 2016.  These ‘actions’ are drawn on from the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy which can be viewed HERE.

Below, I am highlighting Active Transportation projects that are occurring in our ward, and ones that are directly impacting the ward.  It’s important to understand that in reality, ALL Active Transportation projects impact the ward as we are building an interconnected network.


Sidewalk and Pathway Projects in South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

king's park 3These projects are currently under construction in our ward:

  • Patricia Avenue Sidewalk:  Kilkenny Drive to Ecole St. Avila (2014 budget)
  • Waverley Avenue Multi-use Pathway:   Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Scurfield Boulevard (2016 budget)
  • Ducharme Avenue Sidewalk:  Houde Drive to LeMaire Avenue (2016 budget)
  • Kilkenny Drive Sidewalk:  Kilkenny Drive to Radcliffe Road (2016 and 2017 budget)


City-Wide Projects that Impact South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

Update Sidewalk Requirements in New Developments:  The Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies authorize the Winnipeg Public Service to “update sidewalk requirements for new developments in consultation with relevant stakeholders” (page 132). The Winnipeg Public Service is recommending working with a professional consultant to update the sidewalk requirements for new developments, in a collaborative manner, to ensure we continue to “expand and enhance the sidewalk network” as directed in the PCS

Bike Parking Grant Program:  The bike parking program is an annual partnership between stewardship organizations and the City of Winnipeg in support of the installation of high demand bike parking facilities. With financial support from the annual capital budget, organizations including BIZs (Business Improvement Zones), schools, libraries and community centres have facilitated the installation of hundreds of bike parking locations throughout Winnipeg. The program will now be regulated through an annual Bike Parking Grant Program, and grant recipients will be awarded through an annual application process.

2016 Winnipeg Cycling Map:  The Winnipeg Public Services recommends producing a 2016 Winnipeg Cycling Map in print and digital formats. The 2016 Winnipeg Cycling Map will be a comprehensive overhaul of the 2014 print map. The digital map will be provided on the City of Winnipeg website and will allow the Winnipeg Public Service to update content as required.

Public Education and Awareness:  The Winnipeg Public Service is recommending a budget of $105,000 for these educational and promotional programs from the 2016 Bicycle Corridors account. This will be delivered through multiple public events (i.e. Trails Day, Bike to Work Week, Commuter Challenge, etc.).

Pedestrian & Cycling Monitoring:  The Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies emphasize that a monitoring program is essential to ensure that the Winnipeg Public Service is implementing the Strategies as intended and appropriately allocating funding to priority projects. Public Works currently monitors pedestrian and cycling activity through a limited number of counters on paths and sidewalks. In order to demonstrate public demand and identify infrastructure deficiencies, the Winnipeg Public Service is recommending expanding the monitoring program by increasing the inventory of counters and monitoring services.


active transportation 2


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