2016 Local Street Construction in South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

In the City of Winnipeg’s 2016 Capital Budget, a total of $53,625,000 was approved for Local Street Renewals, Alley Renewals, Thin Bituminous Overlays (TBO), and Granular Roadway Improvements.

The City uses a ‘Pavement Condition Rating’ system to assist in determining which streets will be repaired.  A progression road treatment is utilized, with each higher number (see below) being a more comprehensive repair and thus more costly construction project:

  1. Thin Bituminous overlay (TBO)
  2. Rehabilitation
  3. Reconstruction

Specific to the South Winnipeg–St. Norbert ward, the list of streets shown below will be under construction in summer 2016:


The following section of three streets are receiving pavement, curb and sidewalk repairs, replacement or adjustment of drainage infrastructure, adjustment of appurtenances in the pavement and boulevards, and an asphalt overlay:

  • Markham Road:  Forest Lake Drive – Chancellor Drive South Leg
  • Cloutier Drive:   Pembina Hwy to 878 Cloutier Drive
  • Killkenny Drive:   Kings Drive to Patricia Ave


Thin Bituminous Overlay

The following sections of street are receiving a thin bituminous overlay (TBO), a thin surface restoration technique applied to the asphalt surface that increases asphalt thickness by less than 40 mm. This is a cost effective  treatment that benefits the road from premature deterioration by improving/restoring asphalt surface. 

  • Bellemer Drive:    Grandmont Blvd to Le Maire St
  • Chancery Bay:   Burland Ave to  Burland Ave
  • Killarney Avenue:   Caledon Rd to Acadia Bay
  • La Porte Drive:    Le Maire St to  End
  • Prescot Road:    Leeds Ave to Ryerson Ave
  • Strand Circle:  Charing Cross Crescent  to Charing Cross Crescent
  • Hyatt Place:  Dakota Street to Nova Vista Drive


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