2017 Road Construction in South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

Prepare to experience a lot of construction on the south end of Pembina Highway this summer!  Definitely some pain before the gain – BUT great news overall!

Evaluating Winnipeg’s Streets for Repair Work

Our City streets are evaluated by the Winnipeg Public Works Department using a street rating system as follows: New, Good, Fair and Poor:

  • Typically, anything rated as Poor is automatically scheduled as a rehabilitation or reconstruction.
  • Streets that fall within the Fair to Good category is where the Thin Bituminous Overlay program is utilized.  The Thin Bituminous Overlay program (TBO) is a surface restoration technique that increases asphalt thickness by less than 40 mm. This is a cost effective treatment that benefits the road from premature deterioration by improving/restoring asphalt surface

In addition to the above rating system, there are several factors that weigh in on how a street is prioritized as a candidate for work, i.e. if it’s located next to a school or park, if it’s a Priority 2 or 3 street, percentage of concrete work required prior to doing the TBO, and technical conditions such as existing cross fall/slab faulting in panels, etc.

The goal is to optimize the value of the pavement treatment and to optimize the pavement life cycle.

2017 Regional Road Construction (major rehabilitation)

  • Pembina Hwy SB – Killarney to Dalhousie (South Leg) (including buffered bike lanes):  $1.2 M
  • Pembina Hwy NB – Dalhousie (South Leg) to Killarney (including buffered bike Lanes):  $1.2 M
  • Pembina Hwy NB – De Vos to Dalhousie (including buffered bike lanes):  $600,000
  • Pembina Hwy SB – Dalhousie to De Vos (including buffered bike lanes):  $600,000

 2017 Regional Mill and Fill Preservation Works (asphalt removed and replaced)

  • Pembina SB – Dalhousie (South Leg) to De Vos: $500,000
  • Pembina SB – Cloutier to Ducharme: $800,000

2017 Local Street Projects (Announced February 24, 2017)

In 2017, one local street will receive a complete rehabilitation:

  • Silverstone Avenue, from Cornell Drive to King’s Drive

The streets below are scheduled for a Thin Bituminous Overlay (TBO), a surface restoration technique that increases asphalt thickness by less than 40 mm. This is a cost effective treatment that benefits the road from premature deterioration by improving/restoring asphalt surface.

  • Sandpiper Drive, from Bairdmore Boulevard to Point West Drive
  • Knotsberry Bay, from Burland Avenue to Poitras Place
  • Alburg Drive, from Paddington Road to Longford Avenue
  • St. Dunstans Bay, from Dalhousie Drive to Dalhousie Drive

In addition, there will be some maintenance work on other streets after reviewing road conditions post-spring thaw:

  • Thatcher Drive
  • Killarney Avenue
  • Snow Street
  • St Mary’s Road

2017 Expansion of Kenaston Southbound:  $2.2 M

  • I call this area the ‘funky flyover’ that takes you either into the Neighbourhoods of Bridgewater or further along Bishop Grandin to Waverley.  While the expansion is not actually in the South Winnipeg St Norbert Ward, it directly impacts travel into Bridgwater and South Winnipeg.  This project includes the following components:
    • Widen southbound Kenaston Boulevard by 3.7 meters to accommodate a new through lane commencing at the Petro-Canada southbound exit (150 meters south of the McGillivray intersection) and tying into the current north limit of the 3-lane section south of Scurfield Boulevard.
    • Geometric improvements to the right turn cut-offs at Scurfield and introduction of new southbound deceleration and acceleration lanes.
    • Relocate traffic signal poles along west side of Kleyson Drive intersection. Relocate street light poles and utilities where necessary.
  • The project will provide an improved lane configuration for southbound traffic on Kenaston based on accepted transportation engineering standards and practices. It will complete the originally intended design of the Waverley West Arterial Roads Project, and reduce safety risks in the reduction of weaving maneuvers along a short distance approaching the Kenaston Boulevard/Bishop Grandin Boulevard flyover.

Engineering/planned for 2018 Construction

  • Pembina Hwy NB – Ducharme to Cloutier (including asphalt bike path):  $500,000

Engineering in 2018 & Construction in 2019-2020

  • Waverley – Grandmont to the City Limit: 2018 ($500,000); 2019 ($1.5 M); 2020 ($1 M)



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