2019 Road Construction in Waverley West Ward

Each year the Public Works department provides Councillors with a Streets Condition map. See Street Condition’s PDF. Waverley Heights has many streets that are in ‘Fair’ to ‘Poor’ condition along with White Ridge and University Heights with many streets in fair condition. Most streets in the Waverley West ward are new – so the focus will be on Waverley Heights, Whyte Ridge and University Heights.

  • Typically, anything rated as Poor is automatically scheduled as a rehabilitation or reconstruction.
  • Streets that fall within the Fair to Good category is where the Thin Bituminous Overlay program is utilized. The Thin Bituminous Overlay program (TBO) is a surface restoration technique that increases asphalt thickness by less than 40 mm. This is a cost effective treatment that benefits the road from premature deterioration by improving/restoring asphalt surface

So how do streets get prioritized?

  • In addition to the above rating system, there are several factors that weigh in on how a street is prioritized as a candidate for work, i.e. if it’s located next to a school or park, if it’s a Priority 2 or 3 street, percentage of concrete work required prior to doing the TBO, and technical conditions such as existing cross fall/slab faulting in panels, etc. The goal is to optimize the value of the pavement treatment and to optimize the pavement life cycle. The following were taken into consideration in developing the list of recommended locations for renewal:
  • The distribution of the local street renewal projects among the fifteen wards of the City is based on the proportion of local street renewal needs in each ward relative to City wide needs. The most recent condition ratings were used to determine the distribution of local street renewal projects.
  • The lane renewals are distributed among wards with the highest number of lanes in poor condition.
  • The gravel road reconstruction projects have been identified as priorities based on traffic and maintenance costs.
  • The industrial/commercial street renewals are programmed by need across the City.
  • The distribution of TBO projects among the fifteen City wards is based on the proportion of the local street preservation needs of each ward relative to the City. The most recent ratings from the Pavement Condition Rating system were used to determine the distribution.

For the 2019 Construction Season

Local Street Renewal/Rehabilitation:

  • Thatcher Dr from University Cr to Pembina Hwy

Thin Bituminous Overlay

  • Wittenberg Rd  from Fleetwood  Rd to Scurfield Blvd.

$9M Reconstruction of University Crescent (2021-2022)

  • This major reconstruction of University Crescent is not occurring until 2021 through to 2022. I receive many inquiries and wanted all to know – ‘its coming’! intersections and access points near Pembina will be upgraded in the rehabilitation.

Waverley to La Barriere Park (2019-2020)

  • Although Waverley Rd is not technically in the Waverley West ward – many people use it to access La Barriere Park and the new cricket fields. This much anticipated  $2.5M re-construction of Waverley Rd starts this year! There will be much construction over a two year period, but according to projected plans, Waverley will remain open at all times.


The Public Works  department will be doing many patch repairs on streets throughout the ward.  I am completing a drive around this week looking for pot holes, and rough conditions which I will report. Please also feel free to  send me anything you would like filled, patched or fixed (jlukes@winnipeg.ca). Between the street inspectors, myself and your feedback – we should be able to have smooth driving conditions in our ward.