4-Way Stop Signs Approved for Aldgate & Paddington

Excellent news for most River Park South residents!   All Way (4 way) stop signs have been approved for installation at Paddington and Aldgate. These signs should be installed within the next 6 weeks. This has been a long process to address traffic calming as well as increased vehicular and pedestrian volumes, but I’m pleased with the results to date.

Ongoing monitoring is occurring on the speed tables and we will review the results in Fall 2018. I am aware this has been a frustrating issue for many – it has been for me also, but I think the majority of people will be pleased with the progress we’ve made.




2017 Aldgate/Paddington Traffic Study

The traffic study re installation of all way (4 way) stop signs at Aldgate and Paddington determined traffic/pedestrian volume was still not enough to meet criteria required to trigger the installation of stop signs.

To make a case for the installation, I made a presentation to the City’s Public Works Committee indicating:

  • The traffic/pedestrian volume has in fact increased over 2014 and is ALMOST meeting criteria
  • The traffic/pedestrian volume would exceed criteria IF engineers accounted for latent demand (pedestrians who would be using the crossing IF stops signs were installed)
  • Paddington Is a primary North-South feeder route in River Park South
  • There has been an increase in student population due to the completion of new homes in River Park South.

In response, the City’s Public Works Committee proceeded to approve installation of a 4-way stop sign.

2017 Speed Table Adjustment:

  • City Engineers adjusted traffic calming speed tables to reach ‘curb’ to ‘curb’
  • Ongoing monitoring will occur over the winter and into next summer

2016 Traffic Calming Speed Tables:

  • i requested that City Engineers install traffic calming speed tables
  • Engineers installed ‘alternating tables’ and monitored results over summer/winter

2016  Aldgate/Paddington Traffic Study:

  • The traffic study re installation of all-all way (4 way) stop signs at Aldgate & Paddington indicated the traffic/pedestrian volume was not enough to meet criteria required to trigger the installation of stop signs.





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