Best Transit Service in Entire City – Coming To South Winnipeg – Spring 2020

Citizens of Winnipeg are investing $500 Million into the Southwest Transitway with the expectation that the new Transitway will:

  • dramatically improve the quality and attractiveness of public transportation in Southwest Winnipeg by improving speed, reliability, comfort and flexibility in routes.
  • dramatically improve the frequency of transit in and out of neighbourhoods transporting citizens to the new Transitway corridor.

The $500M Transitway  will provide South West Winnipeg with the best transit service in the entire City of Winnipeg. I recognize this is a rather bold statement – especially in times where transit is struggling overall, but $500M is the single largest investment in transit – in the entire history of Winnipeg.  It darn well better provide Southwest Winnipeg with the best transit service in the entire City! I will be actively working to ensure the corridor is optimized for peak performance.

Transit planners are currently reviewing all transit routes in Southwest Winnipeg with the goal to increase transit frequency from the neighbourhood ‘to and from’ the new Transitway corridor.  Transit planners are looking to increase frequency of the transit service similar to a ‘shuttle concept’ that will connect to the Transitway corridor. Specific to South West Winnipeg, transit routes will better connect new neighbourhoods (Waverley West) and mature neighbourhoods (Richmond West, Fairfield Park, Waverley Heights, University Heights, Ft Richmond, St Norbert) to the new Transitway corridor.

The Transit Department will be holding public open houses in the near future to discuss proposed plans and gather  additional routing details from the public for the ‘shuttles’. I will be fully engaged in the entire process and will keep residents informed of any upcoming meetings.  For details on the Southwest Transitway: