Collisions In City Of Winnipeg

I’ve been working with Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)  and the Winnipeg Police Service on a number of speed and collision related issues. I’ve compiled recent reports and maps for you to look at to see where collisions are occurring in the City of Winnipeg.  The bulk of this data is released by MPI usually a year following the collisions. I find this data very interesting and thought provoking when I am driving, or talking to my 17 yr olds when they venture out on the roads.

SEE:  2017 City of Winnipeg Annual Collision Report  

The Annual Collision Report is a summary of statistics associated with traffic collisions  that occurred in the City of Winnipeg. This information is provided by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). It is important to note that the original MPI data has been altered from its original source to limit the data to records with identified locations only and exclude parking lots and back lanes. This report is comprised of five sections:

  • Section 1 – Trends:
  • Section 2 – Collisions:
  • Section 3 – Collision Victims:
  • Section 4 – Drivers and Vehicles:
  • Section 5 – Cyclists and Pedestrians:

SEE: 2018 Traffic Flow Map

The Traffic Flow map contains the Average Weekday Daily Traffic (AWDT) on major streets inside Winnipeg.

Top Collision Maps (2014 – 2018)

These maps were provided by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)