Construction on Pembina – De L’Eglise Avenue to Highway 100 Overpass

Starting the week of May 2nd, Winnipeg’s Water and Waste Department will begin a 12-week project to replace the aging watermain on Pembina Highway, from De L’Eglise Avenue to the Highway 100 overpass.

The Department has issued a notice to residents and businesses in the area, containing the following information:

Water Service During Construction

  • The Contractor may have to provide a temporary water service from time to time by connecting an overland hose to citizens’ outside tap/within the building. To attach this hose, staff will need to enter citizens’ properties.
  • If the Contractor cannot provide a temporary water service, staff will coordinate and try to schedule any interruption so it will be the least disruptive.
  • The Contractor will also have to shut off citizens’ water service for a short time on a few occasions, and will try to provide 24 hours’ notice. For businesses, the Contractor will do everything they can to schedule this outside of regular business hours.
  • The Contractor may have to shut off citizens’ water without notice. If this happens, service will be restored as quickly as possible, usually within 4-6 hours.

Even though the new water main will be disinfected once it is installed, citizens may find that the water tastes a little different and is cloudy. This is common after water main work, and the water will return to normal within a few days.  The water can be used, and there is no need to take special precautions.  For more information on drinking water quality, visit the City’s website. 

Traffic/Parking Restrictions During Construction

  • There may be parking and traffic restrictions.
  • Private approaches will be maintained at all times.

Services Maintained During Construction

  • Sewer service will not be interrupted.
  • Recycling and garbage collection will not be affected.

Contact Information

Viper Construction Ltd. is the contractor for this project.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact:

  •  Business hours:  Mr. Michael Turko, of KGS Group, the City’s consultant on this project, at 204-896-1209 or email
  • After hours:  The after-hours emergency number is 311.


Once the construction work has been completed, the Water and Waste Department will undertake restoration of any damaged boulevard and pavement areas as soon as possible.

Keep your children safe!  Please keep them away from the construction site at all times.


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