Encouraging Resident to Report Abandoned Vehicles

Is there a vehicle that has been parked on a street for an extraordinary long time and not moved? (Probably easy to identify as it will have morphed into a snowbank by now!)

Especially in winter, these abandoned vehicles covered and surrounded by snow, can become a hazard to moving vehicles.

IF you believe a vehicle is abandoned these are the steps to have it removed:

  1. EMAIL 311@winnipeg.ca (email is quicker & provides a record)
  2. Tell them you believe a vehicle has been abandoned.
  3. Provide the plate number, approximate address, and if you can, a description of the vehicle.

In accordance with BY-LAW NO. 113/2017  the Winnipeg Parking Authority will:

  • Go to the vehicle and mark the GPS coordinates- thereby recording the exact location
  • The Parking Authority will return to the vehicle in 21 days and IF the vehicle has not moved, a notification to move the vehicle will be attached to the vehicle.
  • The notification gives the owner 72 hours to move the vehicle.
  • At the end of the 72 hours, the vehicle will be issued a fine, and towed to a compound.

There is a very high probability more snow will be coming. Winnipeg averages 30 cm of snow in March and April. Another residential plow is a real possibility. With all the snow – abandoned vehicles are easy to identify. Again, abandoned vehicles, covered and surrounded by snow can become a safety hazard.

Also, the streets are not public parking lots. In denser neighbourhoods, street parking is in short supply, so constant turnover is important to serve residents best.

I and many others believe the timeframe to remove abandoned vehicles is too long – I’m working to change that but that won’t happen soon, so we must work within the existing by law.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please email me at jlukes@winnipeg.ca