Encouraging Waverley West Residents to Contact to Minister of Infrastructure

Photo Credit: John Einarson/CBC

Please see the letter I’ve written to Minister Schuler in support of using photo enforcement to assist in making our roads safer. I encourage you to write or email (minmi@leg.gov.mb.ca) Minister Schuler in support of photo enforcement.

The Province of Manitoba is conducting a Review of Photo Enforcement.  The review will look at the policy, legislative and program frameworks respecting photo and non-photo enforcement activities, but with a specific, comprehensive evaluation focus on the efficacy of photo enforcement in meeting stated road safety objectives.

  • Photo enforcement is a polarizing issue for many people, but facts and data show the use of photo enforcement works in keeping roads safe. Cities all over the world use photo enforcement to improve road safety.
  • Road safety is a key area of concern in the Waverley West ward.  I believe photo enforcement on Kenaston Blvd. would be an effective tool in improving road safety and the quality of life for many residents in the immediate area.

I continue to work with the City of Winnipeg traffic engineers to conduct speed studies and traffic reviews; and to approve budgets to fund the installation of traffic calming infrastructure, navigational signage, and the like.

I continue to encourage residents to report infractions through the non-emergency police line (204 – 986-6222) or online at Traffic Complaints, but I think we all recognize the Winnipeg Police Service can’t be everywhere, all the time, enforcing traffic infractions. This is one of many reason’s I am supportive of using technology to support in the enforcement of traffic violations – similar to what cities all over the world are doing. Photo enforcement is one of many tools that can be used to make our roads safer.

I’m not sure when this review will be complete, and it is my hope a more robust transparent photo enforcement plan is put in place vs the soon to be expired photo enforcement plan. Without a doubt, there is much room for improvement over the former program and fully expect this review to highlight new approaches.

If you have questions or comments, please send to jlukes@winnipeg.ca