Evolving Traffic Patterns & Traffic Studies in Waverley West

As more and more people move into the neighbourhood of Waverley West, traffic increases and patterns develop and change. This increased volume in traffic has an impact on the new community and the surrounding communities. Over the duration of my term, I’ve made regular requests to the Public Works traffic engineers to study issues that I notice or that residents bring forward for all communities I represent. This particular blog is focusing on Waverley West traffic studies.

On April 9th I brought forward a motion requesting Public Works Traffic engineers  conduct a safety assessment of the intersection of Waverley Street at Bison Drive, to determine required safety measures and proceed with improvements.  This intersection has evolved over the decades and is now handling an increase in traffic volumes as a result of the expansion of the Waverley West neighbourhood. There are high speed merges with no merge lanes, a lack of adequate curbs and shoulders, and a location of frequent crashes and a death over the years. The request for a study will be coming forward to the May 2nd Public Works meeting – where the department will determine how long a safety assessment will take. It should be noted, that at some point in the future, this entire intersection is scheduled for a reconstruction to support the development of Waverley West Area B  

Many requests I’ve put forward for traffic studies have met criteria as set out by the Transportation Association of Canada resulting in changes; installation of traffic signals by Ecole South Pointe School, no parking or time restricted parking signs at multiple locations throughout all the neighbourhoods, traffic calming speed tables on collector streets (with more coming!), the installation of stop signs, light timing changes, and the installation of traffic speed signs. Studies have occurred on major corridors and are of interest to many, I encourage you to read these reports:

Light Signalization Timing: If you find traffic lights at intersections require more time to navigate a turn, or are too long, please contact me. The City of Winnipeg is developing a state of the art Traffic Management Center with cameras, sensors imbedded into the roadway at intersections, digital light signalization access and more. Changing the timing of a light at an intersection – if required, can now be done electronically and no longer requires a ladder and site visit!

Going forward, I will continue to monitor traffic and work with residents and the Public Works department to improve traffic safety and flow in our growing communities. Please, if you have traffic issues you think present safety hazards in any community, contact me to discuss: jlukes@winnipeg.ca