Informative Reading on Fast Tracking Downtown Cycling Grids

If you have some reading time scheduled this weekend, these two informative overviews will prime you with many questions to bring to next week’s Forum on Fast Tracking a Downtown Cycling Grid !


#1. REPORT:   Quick Builds for Better Streets 

Thanks to good friend, Terry Zdan, for sending this report my way (and always keeping me current on the green economy!). This recent report by People for Bikes highlights a 9-step recipe for fast, flexible changes to city streets. The report, researched and co-written by Jon Orcutt, policy director of the New York City Department of Transportation, is built on interviews with staff in eight leading cities (Austin, Chicago, Denver, Memphis, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Seattle) and creates a practical list of nine things cities need for a program to enable “quick-build” projects.


#2.  ABSTRACT:  Calgary’s Centre City Cycle Track Pilot Network

As part of her course work, Lucy Ramirez, a University of Manitoba Master’s City Planning Candidate collaborated with the renowned Blanka Bracic (Calgary’s Transportation Engineer) to summarize the planning and delivery of Calgary’s Centre City Cycle Track Pilot Network.  Ramirez, whose hometown is Calgary, provides an insightful perspective on implementing the cycle track pilot project.


Looking forward to our discussion on October 18!




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