Lukes and Active Transportation

Janice has been a passionate advocate to improve safety on City of Winnipeg streets, sidewalks and pathways since 2001.  She has held many positions on board and committees prior to being elected, and since being elected in 2014, has championed significant changes in Winnipeg:

  • Piloting Traffic Calming Infrastructure in the ward (2014-current)
  • Championed Approval of Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies (2015)
  • Championing the development of a Winnipeg Road Safety Strategy (in development)
  • Championed incorporating snow removal on ALL sidewalk and pathways in Winnipeg (starting winter 2019)
  • Hosted public education sessions, ie:  (Vision Zero, Winter Snow Removal, Adjustable Bike Lanes)

Prior to being elected, Janice worked on projects throughout the City:

2001: Initiated and fundraised for development of Sentier Cloutier Trail to provided safe access and connectivity.

2003: Co-Chaired the Red River Floodway Trails Coalition acting as the community representative for 40+ recreational organizations. Advocated for 7+ years to have three levels of government incorporate recreation facilities into the Red River floodway expansion. Resulting in $9M of trails and recreational facilities – including pedestrian bridge over PTH 59 from Floodway into Bird’s Hill Provincial Park.

2004: Formed community based St. Norbert Heritage Trails Assoc., re-routed the Trans Canada Trail into St. Norbert, created popular community walking guide based on the Trans Canada Trail system,

2005 – 2013:  Invited to be Winnipeg Trails Association Executive Director to move trail development and connectivity forward in Winnipeg.

2007: Engaged the Province to formally proclaim the second Saturday in June as Manitoba Trails Day.

2008: Orchestrated three levels of government to complete key missing links in Trans Canada Trail in Winnipeg. Led the funding development & accompanying advocacy to secure $1.8 M to develop Bishop Grandin Trail West and west extension of Harte Trail through Assiniboine Forest.

2008 – 2012:  Assembled and led public advocacy efforts to secure infrastructure to improve active transportation safety and connections in three key Winnipeg locations;

1) Osborne Underpass – resulting in significant improvements to pathway development in Phase One Southwest Rapid Transit project;

2) Pedestrian Bridge for Northeast Pioneers Greenway Trail (NPG) connecting over Chief Peguis Freeway

3) Pedestrian connection under Perimeter Hwy connecting Northeast Pioneers Greenway to Bird’s Hill and Floodway Trail

2009 – 2013:  Engaged and guided Pembina Trails School Division and three schools in Fort Richmond in the National Safe Routes to School study – enabling the only suburban community in Winnipeg to undergo a broad and detailed active transportation study to increase and improve safe walking and cycling routes.  See overview of work and approx. $1M in active transportation upgrades in Ft Richmond.

2010: Invited by Province of Manitoba to chair Manitoba’s first Provincial Active Transportation Advisory Group to provide recommendations to move active transportation forward. Guided development of 25 recommendations and produced Greater Strides; Taking Action on Active Transportation in Manitoba.