Pandemic Increasing Death on Roadways

Photo Credit: Winnipeg Free Press

Please drive with extreme caution. You may be the best driver on the road, but the pandemic is causing great stress in society, and we are experiencing a dramatic increase in death on our roadways.  Summer time is a time for road trips, holidays and adventures. Manitoba Public Insurance released some incredible facts this week:

  • 79 per cent increase in deaths in July-August 2020 compared with the previous five-year (2015-2019) over the same time frame
  • Deaths caused by distracted drive quadrupled in July-August 2020 compared with the previous five year average over the same time frame
  • A 60% increase in speed related to serious offence notices were forwarded to MPI from law enforcement

See entire Statement from Manitoba Public Insurance.

Also – in the last 5 days, these bizzare incidents occurred:

Car Drives into Train:

  • In Fort Richmond – on July 20th, at around 7:00 pm, a car drove into a passing train. A friend of mine was directly behind the car and reported that the person just drove right into the train as if he didn’t see it. Photo attached.

 Incredible Video of Impaired Driver Hitting Red Light Camera

  • Watch the video of an impaired driver (blood alcohol concentration exceeding 80 milligrams) hitting a red light camera on Cockburn St and Jubilee Ave on Saturday morning, July 17th 
  • Thank you CTV and John Ranger: Woman charged after driving into red light camera

You may be the best driver on the road – but it’s the other vehicles you need to watch out for. Please drive defensively and with extreme caution.