Reconstruction Of Waverley Road To La Barrière Park

A long time coming, the $2.5M re-construction of Waverley Rd starts this year! There will be much construction over a two year period, but according to projected plans, Waverely will remain open at all times. This was a recent update (May 27, 2019) from the Public Works department.

The project is being advertised this week, and the Tender is closing on June 12th. Work is anticipated to begin end of June/early July. A preliminary construction notice was delivered to businesses and residents in the area the week of May 13th. A second construction notice will be distributed approximately 1-week prior to start of construction. We will provide you with an advanced copy of this notice prior to distribution.

The work includes the reconstruction of Waverley St in three (3) Stages:

  1. Grandmont Blvd to Rue des Trappistes  (to be completed in 2019)
  2. Rue des Trappistes to 3900 Waverley St  (be completed in 2019)  
  3. 3900 Waverley St to South City Limits), final restorations, ditching, and final chip seal of the road surface (will be completed in 2020)

All accesses and culverts will be upgraded as part of the works. This Project must be staged over two (2) years due to the sheer size of the work (total length is approximately 4.5 km), as well as the relocation of approximately a dozen Manitoba Hydro Distribution poles at the South Limits, which is to take place concurrently with Stage 1 & 2 work in 2019.

Wayfinding signage will be provided to redirect traffic during the full-closure of Stage 1; Stage 2 and 3 will include a temporary one (1) way southbound lane adjacent construction to maintain access along Waverley St (one southbound direction only).

See larger image of construction maps HERE