ROAD SAFETY: Cycling Routes during Road Construction & Enforcement of Temporary Traffic Controls

Road Safety for construction workers and road users is a top priority for the City of Winnipeg. In 2017, there will be over 160 road construction projects occurring.

Manitoba Heavy Construction Association and the City of Winnipeg jointly promote safety awareness related to road construction, but there is more the City can do to ensure increased levels of Road Safety for all.

At City Hall, I have made a Motion to address increased levels of Road Safety, as detailed below.


Cycling Routes during Road Construction

  • When construction on roadways is occurring, the City requires contractors to follow guidelines set out in the Temporary Traffic Control Manual to ensure ALL workers AND road users are safe.
  • These guidelines establish how temporary traffic control devices (i.e. pylons, channelizers, routing signage, message boards, barriers and more) are to be used to protect workers and guide vehicles/pedestrians safely around the construction zone.
  • What is missing in the Temporary Traffic Control Manual are comprehensive guidelines for the contractors on how to properly develop cycling routes to protect/direct cyclists around construction zones.
  • My Motion is requesting that temporary traffic control guidelines for cyclists be created and added to the City of Winnipeg’s Temporary Traffic Control Manual. These missing guidelines are a recommended action in the City of Winnipeg’s Pedestrian and Cycling guidelines.

Enforcement of Temporary Traffic Control Devices during Construction

  • Winnipeg is experiencing record investment in roads dedicated to the renewal, repair and rebuilding of Winnipeg streets – $103.3M in 2015, and $105M in 2016.
  • In 2017, there are 57  anticipated regional street closures, and approx. 100 Local Street Renewals, Lane Renewals, Thin Bituminous Overlays (TBO) and Granular Roadway Improvements.
  • Every single street closure requires temporary traffic control devices to be set up to protect workers AND road users.
  • Currently, the City of Winnipeg has one Street Constable on a City-wide basis to enforce Temporary Traffic Control Devices throughout the entire construction season. The Street Constable works only on business days – not evenings or weekends.

Councillor Lukes’ Motion

My Motion is requesting that the City’s Public Works Department look at innovative ways to enforce proper use of temporary traffic control devices by partnering with the Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg Parking Authority and leveraging information from the Traffic Management System.

If this is not feasible, my Motion calls upon the Public Works Department to recommend funding for increased enforcement staffing in the 2018 capital budget.

For more information, see my Motion below:



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