Road Safety Plan – Phase One

The City is launching a year long project to develop a Road Safety Plan with the goal of implementing short-term solutions and long-term investments over the next 3-5 years and beyond.


What is a Road Safety Plan ?

  • Quite simply – a detailed plan of actions that will make our roads safer than they are today!

Phase One is starting and YOU play a very important role!

4 Questions

The City and consultants are providing you with four questions seeking to learn more about your perceptions of road safety, your experience as a road user (pedestrian, cyclist or motorist), and how the City can improve the safety of Winnipeg roads.

• Question 1: As you move around the City, what situations make you think most about road safety? Why?
• Question 2: What do you feel has the biggest influence on making roads safer?
• Question 3: What is your vision for safer roads in Winnipeg?
• Question 4: How can we improve road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and motorcycle riders?

PLEASE take the time to answer these questions and email your response to:

Download the Discussion Kit to help guide and gather feedback.


• If you’d prefer to answer questions online – click on the link and take the Road Safety Public Attitudes and Experiences Questionnaire!

Comprehensive Overview of the Road Safety Plan

For a comprehensive overview of the Road Safety Plan project and to stay up to date with the next phases see: