Seeking Advisors – Waverley West Active Transportation Group

I am seeking people who are interested in being part of an ‘Active Transportation Advisory Group for Waverly West.’ I’d like your advice on many active transportation topics!

  • Are you a parent who wants / needs your child to walk or cycle to school, and would like to be involved in planning a safe route to your school ?
  • Are you a cyclist  – maybe a member of Bike Winnipeg  – who wants to see commuting improvements in – and in and out of Waverley West?
  • Are you a leisure cyclist – maybe a member of Pembina Active Living cycling club – who would like to see improvements in the park network, or better connectivity, or more lighting, or??
  • Are you a walker – maybe a dog walker – who would like to suggest improvements to the pedestrian network in Waverley West ?

I’m looking for a team of people to organize and provide me with advice / insight / guidance on what you’d like to see occur  – to improve the Waverley West active transportation network.

You may have noticed recent pathway improvements in Scurfield Park, or installation of traffic calming infrastructure in front of parks enabling safer pedestrian and cycling access, or the upgraded crossing on Bison, connecting Bridgwater Lakes and Trails. More improvements are coming where your advice is needed – upgrades to University Crescent and connections to the Transit Corridor pathway. I know there are many improvements  and others I am not aware of.

  • What’s happening with bussing children to school ?
  • Ideally if we had a parent from each school in the Waverley West ward provide guidance on walking / biking routes to school  – we could map the routes & distribute to children/parents. We could also identify any infrastructure upgrades that may be required.

I have partnered with the Winnipeg Trails Association, Green Action Center / Active and Safe Routes to School and Bike Winnipeg – who will be providing insight to the Waverley West Active Transportation Advisory Group  –

We’ve got a super active transportation network in Waverley West, that could use some upgrades and promotion.

If you are interested in attending a few Zoom meetings in the coming months – please send my staff – Arian Arianpour – an email  Include what aspect of active transportation you are interested in.

Thank you!