Seeking Neighbourhood Advisory Group Members – Improving Transportation in Waverley West and Winnipeg

The City is seeking resident’s input on many projects that were underway before Covid-19. Covid-19 is making the public engagement process more difficult, so I will be sending focused messages to residents on issues directly related to Waverley West.  To see all the projects the City is hoping to gather input on – please see ENGAGE Winnipeg.

I know transportation is a huge concern for residents in the Waverley West ward. I receive many emails and calls on transportation and because of this, I like to bring specific attention to special opportunities for public engagement and input on transportation issues. The City is seeking residents to become part of a Neighbourhood Advisory Group to provide input on the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP).

  • The City is mandated to updated its Transportation Master Plan (TMP) on a regular basis. The last time this plan was updated was in 2011 (2011 Transportation Master Plan).
  • The purpose of the TMP is to present a long-term strategy to guide the planning, development, renewal and maintenance of the City’s transportation system. A well-planned transportation system that accommodates growth in a sustainable manner improves the quality of life for all residents.
  • In 2011, as a resident, I was very involved in providing input to the TMP. I was an extremely interesting process, and I saw huge positive changes made because of community input!

The City is seeking residents to be ‘ambassadors of their neighbourhood’ to convey local transportation issues and concerns regarding:

    • Current transportation use
    • Transportation values
    • Transportation as a way to support a better quality of life for residents
    • The long-term vision for transportation in Winnipeg

This information will be used to update the Transportation Master Plan. It is very important to have representation from resident of the Waverley West ward on this advisory group, as we have some unique transportation issues and successes that should be highlighted: ie: new roads, lots of pathways in some areas, missing in others, a major trucking/trade corridor route through the community, is poorly connected to existing communities, etc.

Members of the Neighbourhood Advisory Group will attend four virtual engagement events:

    • Stakeholder Meeting: Current Conditions & Issues (between November 2 and 12; 2 hours)
    • Stakeholder Meeting: Future Options & Opportunities (week of November 23 – 27; 2 hours)
    • Stakeholder Workshop: Key Findings & Future Strategies (February 2021; 2 hours)
    • Public Open House: TMP2050 Recommendations (2021; 2 hours)

You don’t need any special experience, you just need to give some of your time to learn, and to share your transportation experiences and insight. To learn more about this opportunity see:
APPLICATION FORM: Transportation Master Plan 2050
• Deadline to apply is Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Starting November 1st – ALL residents will have an opportunity to provide input into the Transportation Master Plan and I will post details. I am very pleased that the City’s Office of Public Engagement has taken repeated recommendations of mine, and is seeking local neighbourhood engagement in a more meaningful, direct approach. Neighbourhood Advisory Groups provide very unique insights and can really help improve our City.