Snow Removal on Pathways in Waverley West

Been out walking on the pathways in Waverley West this winter? Notice that they are now being plowed?  Many residents called me over the years to ‘clear the pathways’! Just over three years ago, I made a motion to investigate the cost and logistics of clearing pathways in the entire city. There are countless pathways in parks and throughout communities that the City was not plowing, and I felt this should change. Active and healthy lifestyles for residents are just as important in the winter, as in the summer. Fortunately, many Councillors also felt this way and supported funding snow removal on active transportation pathways.  We’ve not had a lot of snow this year, but enough that we have now seen ALL the pathways in parks and throughout the neighbourhoods cleared! What a difference it is making!

I’ve had many positive calls about snow removal on the pathway’s in Scurfield Park, throughout Bridgwater forest, in South Pointe, Bridgwater Trails and other areas! As someone who loves to walk, and now as a ‘part-owner’ of a dog (son owns the other part), I find these cleared pathways absolutely fantastic!


The snow removal crews have maps of all the pathways in our ward – BUT – I have noticed a few they’ve missed clearing and reported them.  This is their first year, we have many km’s of trails and can understand how a few are missed in the newer developments. IF you see any pathways that have not been cleared, please either send me an email or contact 311.  While I certainly don’t hope for more snow, if it does arrive, I look forward to seeing our network of pathways plowed again!  I welcome any comments you have:

See Routes of Snow Removal on Active Transportation Pathways and Sidewalls: Map