Snow Removal on the Active Transportation Network

I have a series of transportation conversations currently underway on the third Thursday of each month until June: SEE DETAILS.  The public is invited to join in a transportation discussion with myself and other members of the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works.  It’s a casual brain storming session, and a great chance to ask questions and learn more!

At the initial transportation conversation held in January, 2016 at The Forks, we discussed snow removal on the Active Transportation network. Winnipeggers brought forward many good comments and ideas on how to improve walking and cycling in Winnipeg in winter. To review a summary of the AT Discussion, SEE HERE

Clearly, improving both snow removal and mobility is an important priority for Winnipeggers in our city.  We have invested millions into our sidewalks and pathways, and need to ensure we enable maximum use of our investments on a year-round basis. We are a “winter city” and need to keep moving!

Many discussions are currently underway with the City Manager of Streets Maintenance and snow removal experts on how we can improve our winter walking and cycling conditions.  Snow removal of all sidewalks and bike paths is a challenging task when combined with constantly changing weather conditions (rain, freeze-thaw cycles, snow and above normal winter temperatures), but for the health and well-being of our City and residents, it is important we work to improve winter mobility.

Watch my website for regular updates on this important initiative!


Photo:  Marissa Bikes

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