2018 Spring Clean Up and Reporting Damage from Snow Removal

The City has started its annual spring clean up! Streets are being washed and swept, boulevards are being brushed to remove sand, and parks and greenspaces are being cleaned!  See the  Spring Clean on the City of Winnipeg website for a complete overview on the Spring Clean Up program and additional programs that occur  to keep our city sparkling. PLEASE NOTE: Clean-up will occur over 4-5 weeks and takes time. Often sweepers will go back to a street and clean up if there were many parked cars blocking the clean-up process. If by mid May your street or sidewalk has not been cleaned, please contact me at jlukes@winnipeg.ca

There are many residential groups helping out with the spring clean up! A HUGE thank you to community volunteers who are helping to take care of their community! Please see the EVENTS Calendar if you would like to help out!

Street not swept? Notify the City starting May 27th!

311 will only take requests starting May 27th – if you see a street or your street has NOT been cleaned yet – email 311@winnipeg.ca or call 311.  Call in your street BEFORE June 13th as that is when the sweeping program ends.

The city takes between 4-6 weeks to do spring clean-up. Street and boulevard cleaners are all over the city sweeping and washing – often going back to streets that had parked cars or doing a second sweep if the area has excessive sand.  But, if by May 27th – your street has not been cleaned – notify the City of Winnipeg

Curb / Sidewalk and Private Property Damage

It is inevitable some damage will occur during the snow removal process.

Public Property:

  • if you see damaged curbs, sidewalks or other public infrastructure that has been damaged, please take a minute to report. Ideally email a PHOTO with address details to 311@winnipeg.ca  Contractors and City Staff are responsible for repairing damage. Street inspectors look for damage, but if you can help out by reporting, it is greatly appreciated.

Private Property:

  • If your property has been damaged by snow removal, please File a Claim. Complete details are on the File a Claim website page.