Traffic Calming: Your Street and Neighbourhood

I receive many calls from resident who want to know how to calm the speeding traffic on their residential street and in their neighbourhood. In many cities throughout the world, the speed limit is reduced to 30 km/hr on residential streets to calm traffic. Winnipeg is not there yet. The field of community traffic management and traffic calming is relatively new, and various types of ‘tools’ are being piloted and evolving to calm traffic. The Public Works department is studying different types of traffic calming approaches and infrastructure that can be applied to residential and collector streets in Winnipeg.  They are also in the process of developing a comprehensive program to identify, consult, and prioritize streets that could be eligible for traffic calming infrastructure.  See details of Traffic Calming Initiatives report.

BUT UNTIL this program is fully developed – there are three options that residents can do to try and calm traffic on their street:

  1. Order Please Slow Down signs for your lawn. Email to have one delivered to your home. .
  2. Report incidents of speeding to the Winnipeg Police Service non-emergency line: 204 -986-6222 or online at  PLEASE KNOW reporting is very important. Police need to have reports so they know where to investigate. If they receive multiple reports a hot spots can be identified and they can better investigate the speeding issues.
  3. Talk to  your neighbours to see if others would like to see traffic calmed on the street. Prepare a short written report on the activities occurring on your street: identify what time of day speeding occurs, identify the section of the street speeding is occurring on, and any other additional details. Submit the report to my office and I will work with you and the Public Service to move the request forward. Submit to