Traffic Study – Waverley Street

As new developments emerge, traffic patterns develop and do not necessarily fit into existing road infrastructure. The Manitoba Islamic Association’s Grand Mosque’s has experienced tremendous membership growth over the past five years, resulting in increased traffic volumes entering and exiting on Waverley St. The mosque’s access point on Waverley is located with a speed limit ‘transition zone’ – where speed limits shift from 60 km to 70 km/hr. There is no median cut on Waverley to directly access the mosque, but there is a median cut allowing access to Medina Road just to the north. The mosque experiences tremendous traffic volumes on a weekly basis, often with overflow parking located on the west side of Waverley.

Safety concerns were raised about multiple issues at this point on Waverley: traffic volumes, changing speed limits, safely slowing down to turn in a transition zone, lack of a median cut, and the use of the Medina Rd. access point. I felt there were enough variables that the traffic engineers should review to see if any safety improvements could be made.

On July 2, 2019, I moved a motion directing the Winnipeg Public Service to review and report back to the Standing Committee on the following:

1. Identify the locations of transitioning speed limit signs along Waverley Street between Sandusky Drive and Lee Boulevard to determine if adjustments to the sign locations are required to ensure motorists have adequate time to accelerate or decelerate;

2. Investigate safety improvements to the median cuts at the following locations:

           a. On Waverley Street at Medina Road;

b. At 2427 Waverley Street

The engineers in the Public Works department studied the intersection and area (see Full report ) and concluded:

  • A review of sights lines indicated that there is adequate visibility of motorists when trying to enter Waverley Street and the operation at the Mosque’s and Medina St approaches are similar to that of other similar approaches on roads with a rural cross section and speeds above 60 km/h.
  • The Public Service will consider the installation of a ‘turnaround’ south of the Mosque for potential inclusion in future safety improvements  – based on city-wide needs.

June 1, 2020 UPDATE:

Following additional discussion with the engineers, I noted they did not have the road names or speed limit locations correct. They will be updating this report AND will:

  • Review the entire Waverley corridor (south limit to Taylor) for speeds limit appropriateness and consistency as there are three speed changes alone between Kenaston and Sandusky
  • Review the safety of having speed changes directly in front of the mosque where much traffic enters / exists
  • Reviews parking on Waverley near the Mosque, as well as observe traffic ingress/egress at the mosque during a large gathering – but this will have to occur when there are no more COVID restrictions on gatherings.