Traffic Study – Yellow Advanced Flashing Lights

Currently, the City and Province allow 4 seconds for a green light to transition to red. The light is green, it changes yellow and remains yellow for four seconds, and then the red light comes on indication ‘stop’. The yellow transitional time is different in many other jurisdictions. For years the City of Winnipeg insisted on keeping the transition time to four seconds. This is such short timeframe, that in some locations throughout the city ‘yellow advanced flashing lights’ were installed to warn people there is an intersection a head.  Because the yellow transition time was not changing to a longer timeframe, Councillor Mayes and I moved a motion to have the Winnipeg Public Service conduct a traffic study to conduct a traffic study for the possible installation of yellow advanced flashing lights at the following intersections on Bishop Grandin Boulevard:

West bound at River Road

  • East bound at St. Mary’s Road
  • East bound at St. Anne’s Road
  • West bound at Waverley Street
  • West bound at Dakota Street

Since this initial motion was made in 2018 – I also requested ‘yellow advanced flashing lights’ be installed at the intersections of North Town and South Town Roads, as part of a broader request for improved safety at these intersections.

After looking at all intersections requiring yellow flashing lights, the engineer’s report (see full Report) recommended yellow flashing lights be installed at:

a). Lagimodiere Boulevard & Regent Avenue NORTHBOUND

b). Bishop Grandin Boulevard & St. Mary’s Road EASTBOUND

This list shows the ranking of intersections that will receive yellow flashing lights, when funding comes available.

It is important to note, the City is reviewing it’s ‘four second transition’ policy for yellow lights. I’m hoping the transition will be a longer period of time than four seconds.