Transit Expansion – Southwest Winnipeg & Beyond

The City is seeking resident’s input on many projects that were underway before Covid-19. Covid-19 is making the public engagement process more difficult, so I will be sending focused messages to residents on issues directly related to Waverley West.  To see all the projects the City is gathering input on – please see ENGAGE Winnipeg.

 I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to review the short term TRANSIT ROUTES bring proposed and offer your feedback @

  • These routes are proposed to be implemented over the next 3-7 years.
  • We are the fastest growing community in Winnipeg – we have new developments, new schools & a recreation campus being constructed and I fully expect to see transit routes expanded in the very short term (vs 7 years!).


I have two major concerns about the short term transit routes being proposed – see below map with concerns highlighted in red:

  1. Transit needs to travel further into Prairie Pointe. Stage 4 of Prairie Pointe development is now underway and much housing density is being proposed for the southern most part of Prairie Pointe. This housing will be constructed in the next 2+ years and needs to be supported by transit.
  2. There is no transit proposed for the new Elementary and High School in Waverley West B, and Recreation Campus which will be constructed/completed in the next 2-3 years

If these are also your concerns, and you have other concerns – please send them to 


  1. In the short term, transit will be routed beside the Whyte Ridge Community Center and will travel into Fort Whyte Alive. Great news!!


The City of Winnipeg is developing a Transit Master Plan for the City. The planning process started in December 2018.

  • See Transit Master Plan for all details including short term and long term proposed routes.
  • The plan is based on the model that was just launched (April 12, 2020) in South Winnipeg – termed the ‘spine and feeder’ model – feeder buses picking up residents and taking them to the main ‘spine’ – the new southwest transit corridor.
  • Southwest Winnipeg was the ‘test area’ for the larger city wide plan.