2016 Approved Budget Impact – Transportation in South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

This year’s budget is providing record spending for upgrading our roads, bridges and active transportation infrastructure. Complete details of regional roads can be found in 2016 Budget Volume 3,  Pages 2-18 and 2-47.

Specific to the South Winnipeg – St. Norbert ward, these projects are planned:


Major Rehabilitations

  • 2016:  Pembina Hwy – North and South Bound –  Grant to Osborne:   $16,100,000 this year
  • 2017: Pembina Hwy North Bound – Dalhousie to Killarney: $4,200,000

Regional Mill and Fills

  • 2017: St Mary’s Rd – North and South Bound – Lyndale to St.Anne’s: $1,600,000
  • 2018: Pembina Hwy South Bound – Killarney to Dalhousie: $1,900,000

Local Street Renewals:

  • The list of local streets being renewed in the ward will be released mid-April and I will update you

General Maintenance:

  • For regional and local roads that are not scheduled for rehabilitation, regional mill and fills or local renewals this year, funding is available for upgrades and general maintenance repair.  This maintenance will occur throughout the construction season.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Street inspectors check for needed repairs, but if YOU see something that needs to be repaired, take action!  Please report it, and if you can, send a photo too!  E-mail a request for service with all the details to 311@winnipeg.ca or my office jlukes@winnipeg.ca


  • This year, upwards of $9 million will be spent on active transportation:  improving and increasing sidewalks, pathways and on-road cycling infrastructure.
  • As with the local streets, specific details on projects will be released in mid-April, and I will update you then
  • There is a significant increase in sidewalk upgrades of $1.6 million added to an existing $800,000 budget. Exact locations will be announced in mid-April 


increased investment in sidewalk renewal



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