2018 Fire Incidents In Waverley West

I’m in constant discussion with Chief Lane on the development of a Fire Hall in the Waverley West ward. I provided a Fire Hall in Waverley West UPDATE this past May, and hope to see some movement reflected in the upcoming 2019 budget. Currently there is no line item identifying funding for land or a fire hall. The 2019 Budget Working Group is very aware of the need for a line item.  Estimations for construction of fire hall are in the $11-$15M range. Cost of land is in addition.

I do have some interesting data to share regarding the low 2018 fire incident rate in the Waverley West ward. (below)
See attached map showing City wide fire incidents last year. See the circled area representing Waverley West ward – which is served by both fire stations 23 (Pembina & Dalhousie) and 22 (Scurfield & Waverley).

Winnipeg Fire Paramedics –  Information Evening

I’m planning an information evening for early spring. The Winnipeg Fire Paramedics will attend and present an overview of emergency medical and fire services. In speaking with the Chief Lane, thankfully – he states there have been no large home fire incidents in Waverley West. He did express concern that many residents should put an escape plan in place. Many of the large homes have multi-generational families and would take time ensuring everyone was out of the home. The development of fire escape plans and other preventative initiatives will be discussed. I will be confirming a date shortly.

Statistical breakdown of all calls for stations 22 & 23 in 2018:

Please note, of 5,389 calls, 103 were fire (2%)

Description (2018)

Accidental Alarm     157

Alarm System      672

Cancelled at Scene/No action  113

Carbon Monoxide   71

Dispatch Cancelled    132

Elevator Extraction     3

Explosion (no fire)    1

False Alarm    67

FIRE     103

First Responder       3,259

First Responder/MVA    208

Fuel/Petro      1

Good Intent    70

Hazmat-Fixed Site     7

High Angle Rescue    3

MVA/Auto Extrication   1

Natural Gas   14

Permitted Burning    2

Personal Assist      192

Recreational Burning    19

Service Call       238

Smell of Gas       12

Smoke Alarm Activated       24

Standby      2

Water-Ice Rescue/Search    18

GRAND TOTAL         5,389