Celebrating International Women

Thank you Sunday Olukoju and the Sou’wester for covering our first International Women’s Day celebration in South Winnipeg – that the Manitoba Chinese Women’s Association and I worked together on! This first event was an amazing success and I think we may be planning another one next year! It was a great day! More details and photos can be found on my Facebook Page

International women celebrated

By: Sunday Olukoju – Community Correspondent    Posted: 03/22/2019 2:34 PM


City councillor Janice Lukes (Waverley West) always seems to be up to something special. When she’s not busy helping seniors, you will find her helping newcomers or other stakeholders in the community.

So it was no surprise that she decided to host and honour some women within the South Winnipeg community while celebrating International Women’s Day on Sun., March 17 at the Soul Sanctuary facility at 2050 Chevrier Blvd.

Five women were invited as guest speakers and later on honoured for their selfless service and contributions to the community.

They were: Naifya Naso, Priscilla Kerr, Alia Harb, Julie Fisher, and my wife, Deborah Olukoju.

These women shared their stories, and subsequently encouraged others, particularly those looking for opportunities to serve and give back to the community through different community efforts.

At the event, Terry Duguid, MP for Winnipeg South, RBC community market manager Lynn Kjartanson, Lisa Liu and Coun. Lukes all spoke of the importance of celebrating International Women’s Day.

Coun. Lukes also used the opportunity to solicit donations for the Clothes Closet at the South Winnipeg Family Information Centre.

This event was not all speeches, though.

A traditional Yoruba dance and music provided by Immanuel Fellowship was followed by a performance by the Sunny Fitness Dance Group as well as traditional Bangladeshi dance performances.

Other side attractions included a prize draw, photo booth, and a survey through which Coun. Lukes sought suggestions and recommendations for our community.