City of Winnipeg Declares a Local State of Emergency

Today Council unanimously voted to declare a Local State of Emergency.

I expect the most significant impact of declaring a  ‘State of Local Emergency’ will be felt by each of us in the coming days.  I look to other cities in Canada that have declared a state of emergency and see a much more enforcement to control the spread of COVID-16 ( controlling gatherings, price fixing, violations of Public health Act, etc.)  These are two key excerpts from the City of Winnipeg Charter spell out what a City can do when a state of local emergency is called:

Emergencies   186(1)

Despite any other provision of this Act, when an emergency arises that affects the health or safety of persons or affects property,

(a) the city may take whatever actions and measures are necessary to meet the emergency and to eliminate or reduce its effects; and

(b) no appeal may be taken under section 189 from a decision made to enforce or carry out any action or measure taken under this section or from an order mentioned in subsection (3).

General powers and duties of city   223

  • The city may do everything that council considers possible, practicable and within the means of the city to reduce the consequences to persons and property within the city of floods or other disasters and to provide continuity of local government.

So – as you can see, the power given to protect the health and safety of persons and property – when declaring a state of local emergency – is immense.  Declaring a ‘State of Local Emergency’ provides Council with many ‘levers’ to use to protect the health and safety of persons and property.

Please know that as your City Councillor for Waverley West, I will continue to do everything in my ability, to ensure your interests are actively represented, and protected –  in all aspects of City of Winnipeg business, in the days ahead.