Cllr. Lukes Requesting Trustees To Reduce Weekend Gymnasium Rental Rates

I look forward to presenting at the Pembina Trails Budget meeting this evening and speaking to points in the Presentation I prepared.

I’d like to thank the many residents who’ve reached out to me looking for recreation space.  As noted in the press release – we are making significant progress on the new South Winnipeg Recreation Campus, but until the campus is constructed I am hoping to secure more affordable rates so that families and organizations can have access to recreation.

The benefits of recreation cannot be overstated. Recreation is:

  • Essential to Personal Health
  • Key to Balanced Human Development
  • Essential to Quality of Life
  • Reduces Self-Destructive and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Builds Strong Families and Healthy Communities
  • Reduces Health Care, Social Service and Police/Justice Costs