Community Crime Prevention Activities

Crime Prevention Workshops

Attend one of two Crime Prevention Workshops I’m holding. I’ve held them in the past and they are a wealth of information. We will also be discussing Neighbourhood Watch and other crime preventative measures.

  • February 13th, 7:00 pm: South Pointe School, 615 Kirkbridge Dr. – SEE DETAILS
  • February 20th, 7:00 pm: Whyte Ridge Community Centre, 170 Fleetwood Rd. – SEE DETAILS

South Winnipeg has one of the lowest crime volumes in the City of Winnipeg, and by taking a personal responsibility, we can work to ensure we  keep the rate of crime low.  From a local community perspective, I am putting together a series of Community Crime Prevention Activities to work on in the coming year. I’ve been in discussions with the West District Inspector and through all these discussions, a few common themes emerged:

  1. Report any suspicious activities
  2. Educate yourself on crime prevention measures
  3. Get to know your neighbours
  4. Encourage kids to be active and engage in positive activities

I encourage you to think about how you can personally become engaged. If you have additional suggestions on Community Crime Prevention Activities and strategies at the local neighbhourhood perspective – please email me To start the discussion:

Report Suspicious Activities

The Winnipeg Police Service had simplified and streamlined the reporting process. Report ANYTHING you think is suspicious. If the police have no reports coming from an area, the police may assume everything is ok – when it isn’t. You can Report Online or go to the Police Service Centre

Block Parties! Get to Know your Neighbours

I’ve set aside funding in 2019 for residents to host their own ‘Block Party’. It is important for residents to get to know their neighbours! Its especially important in the newer neighbourhoods that have just been constructed I will be providing funding and also administrative support if required.  What is a block party? A party on the street – or on someone’s yard!  A reason to get to know your neighbours! Check out some great resources on How to Hold a Block Party from the City of Edmonton, the City of Calgary and City of Vancouver! If you are interested in hosting a block party – send me an email and I will get your name on the funding list

Encourage kids to be active and engage in positive activities

No need to tell any parent about the high energy level’s kids have! And if kids aren’t doing something positive with that energy, they will be doing something maybe not so positive! Keeping kids busy,  kids of any age – is critical in crime prevention.  South Winnipeg has the greatest recreation deficit (no recreation facilities) in the entire City and while there is very good progress occurring on the construction of the new Recreation Campus – the reality is this facility is anywhere from 2-3  years from being constructed.  I am working with Pembina Trails School Division Trustees to secure better access to gymnasiums on evenings and weekends and will be presenting to the Board of Trustees in the new year.  We have many gymnasiums at schools in the area that hopefully can be opened up to kids of all ages to engage in positive activities!

  • Do you need space for activities?: if you are part of an organization that is looking for gymnasium space for activities – please contact me: ANY age group that is looking for access to gymnasiums!  Seniors, moms, organized sports. I am compiling a list and will incorporate it as part of my presentation to the Pembina Trails School Division Trustees in the new year.

This is just a start to a comprehensive list of Community Crime Prevention Activities I’m putting together for our community- if you have any suggestions, please contact me. Stay safe – think preventatively – and report!