Crime Update – Waverley West


Please listen to this interview on the crime situation in Winnipeg and the Waverley West ward:

Crime is occurring in all parts of our city~ and in neighbourhoods in the Waverley West ward. Southwest Winnipeg is one of the safest areas of the city BUT we still are experiencing crime.

I’ve received calls from residents on many things-and have been receiving an increase in call about home break ins. Home break ins occurring during the mornings & afternoons. In one case, the crooks went downstairs and turned off the panel box to cut off Wi-Fi & cameras. This is disturbing as they seem focused and with intent/experience vs the ‘bash & dash’ crooks. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get to know your neighbours so you can recognize when something seems unusual or out of place.

The pandemic is exasperating many things. Restrictions have created barriers to supports and services and the rise in people using substances has increased dramatically.

  • I posted a video on crime & crime prevention in November and it’s still relevant.
  • The police have a good website on crime prevention.

If you see ANY suspicious activities~ you can call: 204 986-6222 (Non-emergency)

During the pandemic, it’s important you increase your efforts on crime prevention and have a higher awareness of your surroundings.

I receive all kinds of calls sharing situations and information. People are stressed & tired of the pandemic. Crime is on the rise.

Be proactive with your property & personal safety. I can assure you crime is much worse in other parts of the city BUT we still need to be very aware & proactive.