Crime Stats For Waverley West Ward

This week the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) released the  Winnipeg Police Service 2018 Annual Statistical Report. It is important to understand the big picture of crime in Winnipeg, which the report provided information on. I believe it is also important to understand what is going on in our community and neighbourhoods of Waverley West so we can be pro-active in our approach to crime.

  • I reached out to the WPS to provide a breakdown of crime in the Waverley West ward comparing 2017 to 2018.
  • As confirmed by the WPS, the south west quadrant of Winnipeg has the lowest rates of crime.

PLEASE NOTE: When you look at the statistics, you must take these factors into consideration:

  • The Waverely West Ward is growing every year. With this growth there will be increased activity. While the increase in the percentage of change from 2017 to 2018 and the comparison to the five year average seems alarming – if is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep in mind the impact of growth.

For example:

  • 10,000 people experience 30 break and entries one year,
  • The following year, 5,000 additional people move into the neighbourhood and 60 break and entries occur – statistically crime will appear to have doubled, but population has ALSO increased – thereby skewing the percentage of crime/population.
  • The percentage increase over five years seems alarming, but there were about 25,000 less people living in the Waverley West area! So this must be taken into consideration when looking at percentages.

Again, as confirmed by WPS – the southwest quadrant of Winnipeg has the lowest rates of crime.

We all play a role in crime prevention

 You can track crime stats in your neighbourhood

  • The WPS has a tool that enables you to drill down into each neighbourhood and see reported crimes by type and area.  See Crime Statistics and Mapping.
  • If you are having difficulties figuring out how to use this tool, contact my office. Once you become familiar with it, it provides very interesting information.
  • Please note – the information you see is two months old – and may not include all reported crimes, but it provides a very good picture of what is happening.

Provincial and Federal roles in crime

  • Just as we each have a role to play in crime prevention, so do the Provincial and Federal governments. Winnipeg is experiencing a meth crisis, policing will not get us out of this crisis.
  • Provincial and Federal elections are occurring in the fall. Candidates will be coming to your door seeking your vote.
  • I encourage you to ask each candidate what their party would do to assist the City in dealing with increasing crime rates.