Crime and You

“we must come together as a community and work in partnership.”

I’ve been to many – and have held multiple public information meetings on the crime, meth and violence occurring in our City – and at every one, the speakers say we need to ‘come together and work in partnership’

Many people have been contacting me over the last few weeks asking what can they do, specifically-as an individual to help towards solving these very complex, multi layered challenges. This is a tough one for governments let alone individuals to figure out what they can do. It’s not like fighting a flood, where you can go to a house and fill sandbags. Its far more complex and can become so overwhelming that its hard to know where to begin! But we have to start somewhere.

I reached out to Inspector Max Waddell who seems to be at every one of these public meetings, working so so very hard – hoping to hear some kind of specific action I and other could take. Here is what he said:

Good morning Councillor Lukes,

You are asking great questions, ones that unfortunately I don’t have a silver bullet for!

The Police Service always encourages citizens to report suspicious activity of all kinds, especially around violence and illicit drugs. Please encourage folks to call. People can volunteer their time, can be mentors for those in need. They can form community groups and neighborhood watch groups and as a larger group have such strength in numbers! Yes there are many crime prevention tips. Keep change and valuables out of your vehicles and secure property at home.

There are many NGO’s that are looking for volunteers such as Siloam Mission etc. I would call the Salvation Army as well. Become a volunteer coach. Contact new comer groups. Church groups etc. It all helps!!!!~ There are so many vulnerable folks out there and any help we can provide will help them get their lives back on track. We all know people that struggle. Get involved with them and see what help can be provided. I wish I had more concrete answers or just one main response for you but as stated already, this is complex and challenging issue!!! I hope this has shed some more light on the topic. Ultimately get involved and don’t stand on the sidelines!!!!

All the best
Max Waddell

As Inspector says, there’s no silver bullet – the challenges we are facing are deep rooted issues – that developed over time, and will take time to make better.

As individuals, I encourage you to help where you can:

  • REPORT suspicious activities – you can do this online
  • PROTECT your property – learn how here
  • REMOVE change and valuables from vehicles – even small change can purchase drugs


  • Get to know your neighbours, your community and your City of Winnipeg
  • Many many organizations are look for extra help in the winter months
  • If you belong to a church, cultural community, or sports club, or a group of any kind, consider rallying the troops and do a fundraiser of some kind
  • Be the seed and start a neighbourhood watch program



  • Reach out to your Provincial and Federal representatives. Ensure they know you are concerned about the deep rooted social problems we are facing and the challenging ‘revolving door’ justice system
  • And show your appreciation via social media – to all our front line / first responders who are working so so hard in these challenging times

We are all in this together – and every little bit helps.