UPDATE: Damage to Curbs, Public Greenspace and Private Property

This week, Mr. Berezowsky (Manager of Streets Maintenance with the City’s Public Works Department) provided City Councillors with an update on damages related to winter snow clearing operations:

  • In late 2016, Winnipeg entered into our snow season with very mild temperatures and little-to-no frost in the soil.
  • The two major snowfalls Winnipeg received in December along with the early snow cover created a frost blanket, with soft saturated soils underneath.
  • The resulting lack of frost in the ground posed a challenge to snow clearing operations, as well as a significant amount of curb/sod damage across the City.
  • The snow removal contractors who caused the damage are responsible for the cost of restoration.

The City of Winnipeg is now in the process of responding to curb/sod damages, and has established target dates to address needed repairs:

  • Collection of Broken Curb Debris–  targeted completion by mid-April, 2017.
  • Curb Repairs – targeted completion by end of June, 2017.
  • Sod Damage Repairs – Crews will apply a remediation of soil and seed with a targeted completion by end of June, 2017.  This includes removing large failed rolled up areas of sod.   In locations where sod replacement is the only course of action, the timeframe of June 30 may be adjusted to accommodate delivery timeframes as to what a sod company would specify.

Throughout winter as well as the spring clean-up process, street inspectors check areas for damage and report them for repair.  Occasionally, they may miss a spot where damage has occurred – remember, there are THOUSANDS of km of street curbs and lawns abutting to streets/sidewalks that require inspection across the City.

Residents can assist in this process.  If you have incurred damage on your yard or see damage in public areas, please document it and report it as outlined below.


curb damage

Damage to Curbs and Public Greenspace

  • Take a photo, provide a description of the exact location, and report it to 311 by emailing 311@winnipeg.ca  Please copy me (jlukes@Winnipeg.ca) so that I am aware of the issue.
  • The Public Works Department will work with contractors and City staff to have the area repaired.


 Damage 137 Riley

Damage to Private Property

  • Take a photo, provide the exact address, and report it to 311 by emailing 311@winnipeg.ca   Please copy me (jlukes@Winnipeg.ca) so that I am aware of the issue.
  • Winnipeg’s 311 Service Centre will provide you with a claims form for completion.
  • A claims inspector will come out to assess the area, and investigate your concerns.
  • For more info, see Property Damage Claims.

Did You Know?

Winnipeg is one of the very few winter cities in North America that plows ALL roads and sidewalks:

  • Regional streets                            748 kms
  • Collector streets/bus routes       712 kms
  • Residential streets                     1,852 kms
  • Alleys/Backlanes                           915 kms
  • Sidewalks                                     2,588 kms

Winnipeg’s Public Works Department was the 2008 recipient of the prestigious American Public Works Association’s Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Awardrecognizing best practices in snow/ice removal while minimizing environmental impacts.

  • Winnipeg’s Snow and Ice Control Policy provides one of the top snow and ice control programs in the country, providing services not offered in other cities such as clearing of front drive windrows and plowing of sidewalks.
  • While recognized with the APWA award in 2008, these practices continue to be reviewed and improved upon by the City of Winnipeg.

For more information, visit my website:  https://janicelukes.ca/snow-construction/winter-snow-removal/





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