Do You Need Indoor Space For Recreation Activities?

(Photo Credit: MLA Jon Reyes)

Keeping kids busy,  kids of any age – is a critical part of overall crime prevention.

South Winnipeg has the greatest recreation deficit (no recreation facilities) in the entire City and while there is very good progress occurring on the construction of the new Recreation Campus – the reality is this facility is anywhere from 2-3  years from being constructed. The South Winnipeg Community Centre which serves much of South Winnipeg – does not have a gymnasium at either of its facilities!  No need to tell any parent about the high energy level’s kids have! And if kids aren’t doing something positive with that energy, they will be doing something maybe not so positive!

I am working with:

  • Pembina Trails School Division Trustees in hopes of securing improved and affordable access to gymnasiums on evenings and weekends and will be presenting to the Board of Trustees in the near future.  We have many gymnasiums at schools in the area that hopefully can be opened up on weekends at affordable rates to kids of all ages to engage in positive activities!
  • Local churches to find available and affordable space for activities.

Are you an organization looking for space for activities? Seniors, moms, organized sports groups? Send me your request and contact information.  I am compiling a list and will see what I can do to assist in finding you a space. Please contact me: