Fires in Waverley West on October 5th

Regarding the two fires in Waverley West this past Saturday, please know:


  1. Chief Lane & I meet regularly-downtown & in Waverley West to discuss fire prevention & response as times. I’ve toured the new station on Portage Ave as it is a training station-which is what is being considered for Waverley West.
  2. Waverley West is growing almost twice as fast as originally anticipated BUT Chief assures me CURRENTLY developed areas are within standard response times.Covered by two stations (Pembina & Waverley St)
  3. Land for a new fire/ambulance station is being secured in Waverley West B area (where new schools/recreation campus are being built)
  4. City commissioned Emergency Services International to produce a ‘Standards of Response Coverage’ report which I expect will be released publicly this fall identifying station closure-upgrades-new stations.
    See Fire Hall in Waverley
  5. Chief Lane & I will be holding a public ‘Waverley West Firehall Update’ when the above report is released to discuss findings.
  6. I posted 2018 Fire /Paramedics Incidents summary on my website -of the of 5,389 calls, 103 were fire (2%)
    See details of calls: 2018 Fire Incidents
  7. I greatly appreciate the advocacy of UFFW L867 & all the work they do to keep us safe.

As always I welcome any questions/comments