Frustrated By Calling 311? Try E-Mailing

For many reasons, calling 311 can be a frustrating experience (long wait times, dropped calls, unable to access previous history, lost service request numbers, etc.).  With support from the office of the Chief Administrative Officer as well as Administration, one of my broader projects is working to improve the 311 experience.  Please watch my website for more details in the coming weeks!


IN THE MEAN TIME:  Please try sending your request for information or service by E-Mail to  rather than phone calling.  By using e-mail, you are able to:

  • Send in your request at YOUR convenience (no wait times!)
  • Receive a digital record of the 7 digit tracking number for your request (no lost tracking number that was written on a piece of paper),
  • At  your convenience, follow up on your request via email (forward your initial request back to for a  status update).



  • 105,471 individuals e-mailed
  • 1,510,348 individuals telephoned 311  (419,080 service requests; 869,508 information requests)

A recent audit was conducted and looked at the 311 Contact Centre.  To read the findings of the audit report, visit 311 Audit Report



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