Homelessness in South Winnipeg – What to do ?

Homelessness is an increasing concern in Winnipeg and for communities across North America.  Media is covering many stories on camps being set up throughout the City, and the increase in use of the overnight shelters.  In South Winnipeg camps are being set up in various locations in the community. Residents are contacting me asking – what they should do.

End Homelessness Winnipeg, which receives City of Winnipeg taxpayer support, worked with Kíkininaw Óma: the Strategy to Support Unsheltered Winnipeggers to create what I think is an incredible tool kit and guide to educating people with facts for understanding, discussing and reporting homelessness.

These documents are short overviews – they will help you understand the complex issues related to homelessness, and will guide you on what to do.

If you see a shelter set up, know there is assistance and resources available for people. Call 311 to report the location. 311 will then send out a team from the Main Street Project to assist.