2017 City-Ward Priorities: Councillor Lukes

I’ve been very busy these past two years focusing on ward priorities I heard from residents during the 2014 election campaign. Since being elected, I’ve hosted many ‘community conversations’ with residents to keep in tune with priorities.

Throughout the year, a Councillor allocates time between both City-wide issues and ward issues.  In 2017, I will be focusing on these challenges:


  • Keeping bureaucratic efficiencies and taxes in line
  • Improving road infrastructure and summer/winter maintenance
  • Developing a City of Winnipeg Road Safety Strategy
  • Reviewing and revising the Active Transportation Winter Maintenance Strategy
  • Implementing a safe downtown cycling network
  • Overseeing revenue allocation from impact fees
  • Ensuring a civic governance and operational review occurs

South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward

  • Development of the South Winnipeg Recreation Campus
  • Combatting illegal rooming houses
  • Transportation improvements to roads and active transportation infrastructure
  • Park upgrades and park maintenance
  • Resolving development issues in new communities – Bridgewater and South Pointe


I will continue to host and promote informative events on relevant community issues, all of which are posted on my website. In the next two months, there is a wide range of events on transportation, fire safety, affordable housing, transit and some darn good winter festivals and parties!

One initiative I’m focusing on (but hope I don’t have to deliver on) is flood protection! I’m being briefed on flood operations and protocol by City and Provincial staff. As a long-term resident of St. Norbert, and living near the mighty Red River, I understand that the wet fall and volumes of early snow are creating a level of  anxiety with thoughts of the spring thaw!

If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at (204) 986-6824 or E-Mail jlukes@winnipeg.ca


Twitter:  https://janicelukes.ca/?p=8135